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Ceramic Crown

As the name implies, ceramic crowns are used to restore the tooth structure for dental conditions such as missing tooth, root canal treatment etc. Ceramic crowns used by dentist nowadays are of two types-

  • All ceramic crown and
  • Metal ceramic crown

All-ceramic dental crowns are the tooth restorations completely made of tooth colored glass like substance such as porcelain.

The metal ceramic crown is a tooth restoration made with a metal cap inside covered with tooth colored porcelain outside.

The application of ceramic crown needs to prepare the tooth first. preparation includes milling of the tooth from all side to create room for the ceramic crown, it takes about 20 to 30 minutes for the preparation.  Once the preparation was done, the dentist will take an impression and will send to the lab, where the crown will be designed.

The custom made crown then bonded to the prepared area.

One of the biggest advantages of placing a ceramic crown is aesthetics. Before, metal crowns are used for the restoration but are not acceptable aesthetically. Today people are more concern about the looks and tooth colored restorations so prefer ceramic crowns.

Advantages Of Ceramic Crowns.

  • Aesthetics :  Restoration looks more natural just like natural teeth
  • No micro leakage : Metal crowns sometimes develop micro leakage resulting in tooth sensitivity, which is neutralized by ceramic crowns.
  • Teeth in a day : You can get a crown placed within a few hours with the help of advanced dental technology like Cad/cam.
  • Biocompatibility : Ceramic crowns are biocompatible with the soft tissue present in the mouth, as metal crown develop metal allergies.

Care For Ceramic Crown

  • Ceramic crown has many aesthetic advantages, and to keep them advantageous in future, you need to take care of them.
  • Clean your dental crowns just like your natural teeth and develop brushing habit twice a day.
  • Along with brushing, flossing helps to clean in between the teeth to maintain oral hygiene.
  • If the crown loosens, visit your dentist as soon as possible.
  • Regular dental visits help you keep you notify about your present dental condition.
  • For more information, visit Dr. Nilawar dental clinic, Nagpur, where our dental professionals will answer all your queries regarding your current dental problems and their treatment options.