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Root Canal Treatment

A tooth that has been severely damaged by cavities, decay, or other dental problems can be treated with root canal treatment procedure. A tooth is composed of three layers, outer enamel, then dentin and pulp inside. When the cavity progresses deeper into the tooth, it damages inner sensitive part of the tooth known as dental pulp. The pulp is a soft tissue present within the tooth rich with blood and nerve supply. Root canal treatment is a procedure performs to remove caries, infection and infected pulp. This is done because if cries progress deeper towards the root, the infection may cause severe dental issue.

Benefits Of Root Canal Therapy

  • You can cure and save your natural tooth.
  • No need of tooth extraction
  • Maintain the natural tooth functioning
  • Eliminate infection and restore the damage
  • A root canal treatment not only saves your tooth but prevent the infection from becoming worse.

Root Canal Therapy Procedure

At Dr. Nilawar dental clinic, Dr. Nikhalesh Nilawar uses rotary root canal technology to perform root canal procedure. During the procedure, the tooth is drilled for easy access to the root canal. the dentist then removes all the carious lesions from the tooth and the roots by removing infected pulp tissue.

Once dentist confirms that the infection is totally eliminated, a biocompatible inert material known as "guta purcha" is used to fill the root canal. After closing the canals, the tooth is prepared for having a dental crown to achieve the normal position of the tooth in mouth.

 The impression is taken and sent to the lab, where custom made dental crown is prepared and is fixed on the prepared tooth. The crown is made in such a way that it look and function like your natural teeth.