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Inlays & Onlays

Sometimes, a patient went through a dental treatment like caries, where dentist restores the tooth by dental filling like metal or tooth-colored. If the filling breaks or worn out, it needs to be replaced by similar fillings or can be replaced with Inlay or onlay.

Some patients are more concern about aesthetics so prefer tooth colored or gold dental fillings.

At Dr. Nilawar dental clinic, you will get multiple tooth restorative options for the enhancement of your smile and personality, inlay and onlays are suitable dental treatment among them.

What Is An Inlay Or Onlay?

Usually, back teeth are restored with Inlays or onlays, which are custom made indirect dental filling created by ceramic or gold. After removal of the old, worn out or broken dental filling, the tooth is drilled in such a way that the inlay can easily fit into the cavity. Once the tooth is prepared, an impression is taken and sends to the dental lab where the technician makes an inlay according to your choice of restoration. In next appointment the inlay restoration then fixed into the tooth. If you have large dental cavity involving the edge of tooth surface then you need large inlays which cover the edges are known as onlays.

From last many years, gold inlays restoration has been done successfully, which are highly durable and long lasting without any problems, but nowadays, aesthetic concern such as tooth colored fillings has led to a decline in their use.

Advantages Of Ceramic Inlays

  • Ceramic inlays are translucent without a metal core.
  • They are bonded in the dental cavity with a special adhesive method, without marginal gaps.
  • A chemical bond created in between tooth and ceramic, help to restore weakened teeth to their original strength.
  • The high translucency allows an outstanding aesthetic quality.
  • Ceramic is remarkably biocompatible material.
  • No allergy to ceramic dental fillings.
  • Inlays are long-lasting. 

Can All Teeth Be Fitted With Ceramic Inlays?

All back teeth can be fixed with porcelain inlays. On the other hand, front teeth, are treated with composite bonding. If your tooth is grossly affected by dental caries progressed deeper inside the tooth, in that case you need to go for first root canal treatment and then a dental crown.

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